W.A.S.P. - I Can´t

I can't laugh
I can't cry
I can't see inside of me
Don't know the reason why
I ain't straight
and I ain't high
I'm the ugly in between
can't live and I can't die
I wanna scream
and I can't win
my life's a living soundtrack
for a human horrorfilm
I can't feel
and I can't love
my mama never showed me how
I never was enough
I can't laugh
and I can't smile
I'll sacrifice my aged elders
to show me how to die
I can't love
and I can't feel
and my mother never loved me
deep down she hated me
I can't fuck
I can't feel
I am one bizarre motherfucker
what the fuck's inside of me
I'll kill the beast
so to free my soul
and smash the mirrors
that won't let me go
Oh, if there's a smile that ya see
it's only the clockwork orange that's in me
I curse the darkness impassioned plea
and tear the heart out and watch me bleed
I sacrifice my blood for free
to satisfy the vengeance that's in me
and bury the mirror that's inside me

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